SCINET is a decentralized life sciences (“DeSci”) research and investment platform that revolutionizes the way people do and support science. Powered by blockchain technologies, SCINET allows retail and institutional investors to invest directly in life sciences research and technology with security and authenticity.


Own Your Life’s Work

We know that your work means more to you than anything. SCINET can help you not only perform that work faster, more accurately, and more efficiently, but also help you, your team, and your lab fund and profit from your life’s work from inception to translation.

Desktop Application

Holistic Research Ecosystem

Enhance your Research

Enhance your Research

Access our revolutionary, blockchain-powered cloud laboratory that will propel your research to the next level.

Get the Funding You Need

Get the Funding You Need

Ensure your work’s continuity by funding unique untapped sources of investor funding.

Secure Your Intellectual Property

Secure your Intellectual Property

Document your intellectual property on an immutable blockchain to ensure that you and your lab receive the credit you deserve wherever your discoveries are utilized.

Decentralized Publishing and Peer Review

Decentralized Publishing and Peer Review

Publish your research with rigorous peer review from the global scientific community.

Help Others Leverage your Data

Help Others Leverage your Data

Collaborate with scientists around the world to enhance shared goals. Securely monetize your data.

Invest in Science and Data

Invest in Science and Data

Participate in the growth, potential, and excitement of the next generation of life sciences research, no matter who you are.


Organic Enhancement of Laboratory Workflows

Unlike off-the-shelf, noncompliant digital tools like Google Docs and Evernote, or even last-gen electronic lab notebooks, SCINET's digital laboratory is uniquely designed with a simple-to-deploy intuitive user interface that promotes good science, meets regulatory compliance, and facilitates collaboration.

One-of-a-kind Investment Opportunities

Whether you are a retail investor looking for the next exciting investment, an asset manager looking for diversification, or a general partner for a venture capitalist firm, you will have the access to a completely new and unique asset class for your portfolio or clients.

Novel Funding Sources and Revenue Streams for your Lab

From raising funds for a new research project, to university spin-offs, and data publication on the blockchain, your lab can get the funding and revenue it needs to accomplish its research goals.


Powered by



Unlike conventional blockchain technologies, the Internet Computer allows for the creation of a truly decentralized software ecosystem.

We envision a DeSci experience with simplified finance, top-tier user experience, and powerful tokenomics all at web speed. All digital assets are 100% on-chain and all apps built by SCINET are fully decentralized.

No gas fees

Uniform data and file storage

Use one token rather than many

Scale infinitely

Next-gen cryptography and security

Perpetual Provenance


SciFi Application Foundation Complete

Alpha Release - Funding with Internet Computer Procotol (ICP)

Private Beta Release - Funding with Bitcoin (BTC)

Science-themed NFT Collectibles

Public Beta: Fundraising with USD Coin (USDC)

Meet Our Team

  • Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Social entrepreneur, technologist, and science enthusiast, passionate about creating solutions that change the world.

  • Hank Brigham

    Hank Brigham

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Serial entrepreneur, technologist, and leader building decentralized tools for humans.

  • Amir Eskafyan

    Amir Eskafyan

    Co-Founder & CRO

    Deal maker and investor. Lifelong optimist with a knack for fostering creative collisions.

  • Alex Dinunzio

    Alex Dinunzio

    Founder, CEO, Board Advisor

  • Jasmine Sabio

    Jasmine Sabio

    Lead Product Manager

  • Alyssa Vuong

    Alyssa Vuong

    Lead Product Designer


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