SCINET is a decentralized life sciences (“DeSci”) research and commercialization platform that revolutionizes the way people do science. Powered by blockchain technology, SCINET is building a one-of-a-kind scientific IP management platform that accelerates commercialization by allowing research institutions to easily manage their IP, showcase their discoveries to the world, and quickly license their technology to industry.


Show the World Your Work

We know that your work means more to you than anything. SCINET will help your labs show the world what you’ve discovered and create new opportunities to generate revenue without needing to build and manufacture products, create websites, or do marketing.

Desktop Application

Holistic Research Ecosystem

Revolutionize Research Revenue

Revolutionize Research Revenue

Transform licensing into a streamlined, profit-generating strategy, focusing on innovation rather than administration.

Advanced Tech Scouting

Advanced Tech Scouting

Bypass exhaustive searches with SCINET’s smart discovery platform, connecting you directly to the tech you need.

IP Portfolio Clarity

IP Portfolio Clarity

Streamline your intellectual property oversight for enhanced strategic decision-making and transparency.

Enhanced Research

Enhanced Research

Propel your research to the next level with a revolutionary, AI and blockchain-powered cloud laboratory.

Publishing Evolved: Seamless, Innovative Sharing

Publishing Evolved: Seamless, Innovative Sharing

Share and peer-review your work in a dynamic, cost-free ecosystem that fosters global scientific collaboration.

Cross the Valley of Death

Cross the Valley of Death

Convert scientific outputs into diversified income streams easily with our “no-blockchain-expertise-required” tokenization platform.

Why SCINET? - Unlock Intellectual Potential

Leverage SCINET's blockchain-enabled licensing platform to streamline the process of turning research into revenue. With transparent and efficient IP management, increase accessibility to your discoveries for potential collaborators and industry partners.

Visibility for Licensing

Showcase your research innovations to a broad audience of potential licensees, ensuring your discoveries are noticed by those who value them most.

Effortless Connection with Industry

Bridge the gap between academia and the commercial sector, making it simpler for businesses to find and license the cutting-edge technologies they need.

Seamless IP Transactions

Automate and secure licensing agreements with smart contracts, reducing the administrative burden and accelerating the path from discovery to market.


Powered by



Unlike conventional blockchain technologies, the Internet Computer allows for the creation of a truly decentralized software ecosystem.

We envision a DeSci experience with simplified finance, top-tier user experience, and powerful tokenomics all at web speed. All digital assets are 100% on-chain

No gas fees

Uniform data and file storage

Use one token rather than many

Scale infinitely

Next-gen cryptography and security

Perpetual Provenance


SCINET Application Foundation Complete

Alpha Release - Licensing

Licensing with USD Coin (USDC)

Science-themed NFT Collectibles

Meet Our Team

  • Jordan Smith

    Jordan Smith

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Social entrepreneur, technologist, and science enthusiast, passionate about creating solutions that change the world.

  • Hank Brigham

    Hank Brigham

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Serial entrepreneur, technologist, and leader building decentralized tools for humans.

  • Amir Eskafyan

    Amir Eskafyan

    Co-Founder & CRO

    Deal maker and investor. Lifelong optimist with a knack for fostering creative collisions.

  • Alex Dinunzio

    Alex Dinunzio


  • Collin Woodward

    Collin Woodward

    Lead Advisor

  • Alyssa Vuong

    Alyssa Vuong

    Lead Product Designer


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